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Utilities Solutions

SkyForest empowers utilities to proactively plan and mitigate for wildfire events.


Protecting critical Infrastructure.

Protecting your investments

Infrastructure and development projects are at significant risk due to wildfire. The SkyForest platform can easily assess all assets quickly and accurately. From mobile networks to power grid hardening and protection. SkyForest empowers utilities to proactively plan and mitigate for wildfire events.


SkyForest Wildfire Risk Platform

The SkyForest Risk Platform enables utilities companies to assess asset risk at scale . SkyForest easily imports all assets via .KML file and provides extremely rapid assessment for mobile networks, hydro lines and other key infrastructure.

SkyForest provides quick and accurate insight to safeguard assets and ensure uninterrupted service delivery. With our proprietary exposure & analytics data, utility professionals can fortify infrastructure, protect assets, and make informed decisions contributing to long-term sustainability.

Key Features


Cross-Canada data normalized for consistent data analysis


Exposure risk data is pre-calculated using proprietary risk algorithms


One-click wildfire exposure assessment done in seconds

Custom Thresholds

Configure exposure assessment criteria to meet different risk profiles


Import (buildings, hydro lines, utilities, etc.) using .KML files


Assets can be saved in project folders and shared with users


Projects are stored for future reference or to re-run analytics at a later date


Export reports or share on cloud platform

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