Advanced technology to sustain our forests


SKYFOREST® delivers cost-effective, accurate, near real-time forest information using satellite, Lidar and imagery. Our advanced technology provides tree species, height, timber volume, stand density, age, and terrain elevation for each 10m grid cell of a forest.

By combining Lidar and satellite technology, SKYFOREST brings together the precision of Lidar complemented by high cadence satellite data. This approach provides powerful data that enables smart, agile decision making.

Trusted by foresters across Canada

450+ million

hectares processed


harvest blocks


Reduce the cost of accessing blocks
Produce up-to-date inventory based on recent satellite data
Find wildlife habitat for featured species
Access quality wood and improve volume
Validate existing forest inventory
Measure forest carbon sequestration
Determine value of wood
Avoid inoperable areas
Detect successional changes
Identity optimal road access
Rapid forest inventory
Ensure sustainability of forests
Leverage Lidar, satellite, and imagery to combine powerful datasets
Automatically Map Forest stands
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SKYFOREST® Geospatial Solutions

SKYFOREST produces several data layers that can help you meet and exceed your forestry management needs.


Species identification

Tree species data at the forest stand, substand, block, or 10m grid cell level.


Hardwood-softwood composition

Hardwood-softwood data provides fine-grained, accurate and high-resolution data to differentiate between species.


Canopy heights

Canopy height data from00 offers high-resolution information to identify productive stands and wood that meets your mill’s needs.


Digital terrain model

Developed from stereo imagery, at lower price than LiDAR, SKYFOREST digital terrain data covers millions of hectares to 5m grid cells.


Timber volume

SKYFOREST has detailed information on timber volume, broken down by species or hardwood-softwood composition, in 20m grid cells.



SKYSTANDS delineates forest stands consistently, accurately, and quickly.


Crown coverage

Determine the density of forest stands with SKYFOREST Crown coverage.


Depletion mapping

SKYFOREST Depletion Mapping provides information from satellites to quickly elevate forest inventory depletion management and advance current and future workflow planning.

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