Indigenous and Community Relations


Valuing and respecting the communities where we operate

Our success as a company is directly tied to valuing and respecting the communities where we operate. We are committed to providing better job opportunities, quality of life, and reducing climate risks in these communities through cooperation and partnership.


Helping First Resource Management Group staff support their local communities

We recognize the unique and irreplaceable role Indigenous stewardship plays in managing Canada’s forests, and the vital importance forests have to the cultural, economic, and spiritual relationships Indigenous peoples hold with the land.

We consult and engage with Indigenous Peoples throughout the forest management planning process. For example, we hire archaeologists to work with Indigenous communities to identify culturally significant areas in the forest, and plan operations to prevent harm to them and ensure that their cultural heritage areas are conserved.

Supporting local communities

Our employees live locally and are aware of their community’s needs and goals. We encourage staff to be actively involved in their community by participating in community events, associations, and boards, in addition to school outreach and various public education opportunities. FRMG consistently supports corporate charities that benefit these communities.

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