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Philip Green, M.Sc.


Phil is one of the founding partners of FRMG, founded in 2010. In addition to leading FRMG, he spearheaded the development of the company’s leading-edge SKYFOREST remote sensing technology which delivers detailed and current information and insights into forests. He has built a team of foresters, remote sensing specialists and geomatics experts to deliver value to government and industry for the sustainable management of Canada’s forests.

Phil has worked with many of the major forest products and resource companies across Canada on sustainability and risk management for over 40 years.

Phil has a M.Sc. in statistics from McMaster University and is the author of two books on management: Enterprise Risk Management: A Common Framework for the Entire Organization,  and misLeading Indicators: How to Reliably Measure your Business and a book on education: Trained and Trusted: What Teenagers Can Do If You Let Them.

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Allan Foley

Chief Forester

Allan is a founding partner at FRMG. Two decades ago, he and his fellow founders saw an opportunity to create a company to improve the management of forests to benefit forest products companies, governments, Indigenous Peoples, conservationists, and the public.

With a career in forestry and sustainability spanning more than 30 years, Allan’s deep past experience gives him the perspective to guide FRMG into a sustainable future. Prior to FMRG, he worked extensively in northern Ontario as a logging superintendent, a planning forester, a woodlands operations manager, a sales manager, and an owner.

With the support of local forest industry leaders, Allan developed one of the first and most costeffective cooperative forest tenure business models in Ontario.

Allan was the Vice President of the Ontario Professional Foresters Association between 2008 and 2010, and in 2014, he received the association’s Herridge Award in recognition of his significant accomplishments in forestry. Allan studied forestry at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia and obtained his B.Sc. in Forestry.

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Yves Vivier

RPF, Vice President, Forestry

Yves has 15 years experience in project management and forest management planning. He directs our expanding team of forestry professionals, who manage three Ontario Crown Forests on behalf of tenure holders.

He authored the 2006-2011 Forest Management Plan for the new amalgamated Timiskaming Forest. Yves has been directly involved in various Ontario Forest Industry Association-lead initiatives to streamline forest management planning processes. He authored and led the development of the 20112021 Forest Management Plan for the Timiskaming Forest, and currently directs planning on three forests as well as directing our forest carbon work. Yves joined our team in 2003. Prior to that, Yves led the development and management of various forest management and GIS-based projects in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec.

He also has experience as a wood procurement developer where he successfully expanded client purchasing opportunities into northern Ontario and northwestern Quebec. Yves holds B.Sc. in Forestry from Lakehead University.

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Chris Johnson

Vice President Product & Market Development

Executive with 25 years’ experience in operations and product development strategy supported by key management positions within the technology sector. Chris was Founder and CEO of dna13, a SaaS company sold to PR Newswire in early 2010. As CEO of dna13 he guided the company’s product strategy, operations and business planning having raised north of $11M in venture capital.

From an operational perspective, Chris has worked with well over 100 companies focusing on product planning and development, sales and marketing as well as implementing performance metrics. Chris currently works closely with technology accelerators including L-SPARK and Invest Ottawa. He has worked with clients and stakeholders across a variety of sectors including media, retail, finance, energy, telecom and technology.

As a leader, Chris has exceptional experience in developing high-performance teams that execute based on clear goals and a defined vision/mission. He has a strong bias towards leveraging collaboration to align teams and build consensus. Chris has worked with both partners and clients across the US, UK, Australia, Europe and the Middle East including Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Chris’ past board work includes sitting as corporate director at dna13 as well as the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

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