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Forestry Solutions

SkyForest delivers an enterprise risk platform to rapidly assess exposure to timber and operational assets.


Sustainable Resource Management.

Mitigate risk to lumber operations and supply chain

The 2023 wildfire season in Canada remains a stark reminder of nature’s power. With 18.5 million hectares of Canadian land engulfed by flames, surpassing the previous record of 7.6 million hectares set in 1989, the escalating risks to our forests due to environmental changes demand immediate action. In forestry, wildfire risk management is paramount, given the increasing scale, frequency, and severity of such events.

The SkyForest platform provides forestry companies to run wildfire exposure scenarios on lumber operations facilities, assets in the field and cutting blocks. SkyForest will provide comprehensive exposure risk to plan and protect against the threat of wildfire.

SkyForest’s solutions align with our commitment to protecting the forestry industry’s supply chain, minimizing forest resource loss, and sustaining our ecology.

Key Features


Cross-Canada data normalized for consistent data analysis


Exposure risk data is pre-calculated using proprietary risk algorithms


One-click wildfire exposure assessment done in seconds

Custom Thresholds

Configure exposure assessment criteria to meet different risk profiles


Import (buildings, hydro lines, utilities, etc.) using .KML files


Assets can be saved in project folders and shared with users


Projects are stored for future reference or to re-run analytics at a later date


Export reports or share on cloud platform

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