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Forest-based carbon solutions for the planet

Our carbon division offers a suite of forest carbon services that leverage remote sensing and ecosystem modelling.

Forest carbon offset project services

We plan and provide expert advice on forest-based offset projects that reduce GHG emissions. This includes feasibility studies, collecting data, and designing project documents. We take care of all project carbon accounting and required monitoring according to the standard of your choice.

Landbase inventory services

Our SKYFOREST technology provides tree species, height, tree volume, stand density, age, and terrain elevation for every 10m grid cell on your forests from satellite data as recent as a few days old. This type of inventory data is necessary for offset project development where reliable and up-to-date data is not available.

Forest estate and carbon modelling

Our team of experts build custom forest estate models with the ability to optimize (spatially and a‑spatially) and assess the impact of management decisions. We take care of preparing data, validating inventory, documentation, and modelling processes to inform our customers about land-base potential.

The Forest Carbon Alliance is a subsidiary company of First Resource Management Group. Our forest carbon clients include governments, not-for-profits, and corporations across North America. We have supplied verified offset credits, or tree planting services for:

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