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SKYFOREST is an enterprise risk platform designed to accurately monitor & measure wildfire exposure related to assets at speed & scale.


Informed decisions

SkyForest provides the ability to manage your unique wildfire risk and exposure projects.  Designed for industry and government, our SaaS platform delivers real-time wildfire exposure to make rapid assessments and mitigate risk.

Solving difficult problems

SkyForest does the work for you. Our powerful cloud platform combines several data layers to create one master risk exposure product. Our advanced data allows our customers to automatically calculate wildfire exposure within any 2km radius across Canada.

Each pixel tells a different story

Instead of spending hours reviewing multiple data layers to calculate wildfire exposure, our platform does it in seconds.  With one-click, SkyForest generates wildfire exposure ratings for single or hundreds of locations simultaneously.  We make this available across Canada with unparalleled 10–20 meter resolution.

Key Features


Cross-Canada data normalized for consistent data analysis


Exposure risk data is pre-calculated using proprietary risk algorithms


One-click wildfire exposure assessment done in seconds

Custom Thresholds

Configure exposure assessment criteria to meet different risk profiles


Import (buildings, hydro lines, utilities, etc.) using .KML files


Assets can be saved in project folders and shared with users


Projects are stored for future reference or to re-run analytics at a later date


Export reports or share on cloud platform

Partners and Customers

Latest Insights

Insights, expert perspectives, and practical strategies surrounding environmental change and exposure to wildfire.

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